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What is APRETUDE header image


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All about long-acting APRETUDE:

The first and only long-acting, injectable PrEP for reducing the risk of getting HIV

Designed to continuously help prevent the risk of getting HIV when taken every other month

No daily PrEP pills to remember or keep track of while you are receiving your APRETUDE injection every other month

APRETUDE is given every other month by a healthcare provider after initiation injections have been given 1 month apart for 2 consecutive months. Stay under a provider's care while receiving APRETUDE. You must receive it as scheduled. If you will miss a scheduled injection by more than 7 days, call your provider right away.     

How is APRETUDE different?

  • It’s an injection given by your healthcare provider every other month, instead of a pill you take every day
  • After 2 initial injections given 1 month apart, APRETUDE is given as few as 6 times a year instead of a pill you take 365 days a year
  • It contains medicine that slowly releases over time to keep around the same level of medicine in your body between appointments

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