Asking about

Asking about

Feeling uneasy about talking to your healthcare provider about long-acting* PrEP?  

Go easy on yourself: Talking about sex isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  

Approach the conversation like you would any important relationship. Be open and honest and ask for what you think you need.

APRETUDE is an injection given by a healthcare provider every other month, after 2 injections have been given 1 month apart. Your healthcare provider may prescribe about a month of once-daily starter pills.

First, ask yourself these questions: 

  • Are you HIV-1 negative? 
    • You must be HIV-1 negative to start and stay on APRETUDE. Your healthcare provider will test you for HIV before each injection, in addition to testing you for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) while you are taking APRETUDE
  • Do you sometimes have sex without a condom?
  • Have you ever had an STI?
  • Do you live in an area with a high rate of HIV?
  • Does your sexual partner(s) have an unknown HIV status? 
  • Does an injection every other month work for your schedule? 
    • It’s important to attend all APRETUDE appointments

Then, think about these things:  

  • Do you struggle fitting a daily PrEP pill into your daily routine? 
  • Do you sometimes forget to take your daily PrEP pill?
  • Could a PrEP option you get every other month work for your lifestyle?
  • Are you concerned that people may see your PrEP pill and ask about it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or have any other questions, it may be helpful to ask your healthcare provider about APRETUDE.

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